Thank You For Your Purchase

Pure Boost Food.

 Thank you for purchasing one of Our Pure Boost Foods meal deals

Here at Pure Boost Food we pride ourselves on quality and diligence in the preparation of your food we don’t batch cook so be assured you are getting al a carte restaurant quality with each Boost Box.


Please read all labels and please be aware any allergens will be in bold or brackets on our ingredients label


For your convenience we recommend that you use a sous vide method of reheating our hot products

This allows maximum nutrient retention.

Also allows you to pop the pouch in a water bath whilst you get on with your day!


Here at Pure Boost food we recommend you reheat our hot products in boiling water for 20 minutes

Always check the product is piping hot before consumption.

 Use a fork to fluff up our rice dishes after cooking as they may have become compressed.

The porridge can be cooked on the stove or microwave in a bowl with liquids added to suit your taste. 


Please note micro waving our product in its own pouch may cause

it to burst open.


Here at Pure Boost Food we would love to hear from you so please feel free to email us

And leave your comments.

Please enjoy every mouthful.