About Us

'Let food be thy medicine, let medicine be thy food'

Pure Boost Food is a health food focused box and has a philosophy that focuses on a holistic diet or holistic food acting as medicine encouraging a natural healing approach to overall mind and body wellness.

Providing healthy food as close to its natural state as possible for optimum health and wellbeing.

Every ingredient is added for its nutritional benefits that compliment the delicious tastes.

Herbs & spices that add so much flavour you won't need to reach for the salt shaker,  are added to our meals for their disease-fighting antioxidants and nutrients.

We offer dishes from around the globe without all the additives and preservatives.

Your body is a living biological machine. Is it surprising our bodies suffer when we stuff them with inflammatory, chemically destructive diets high in saturated fat and sugar? The literature shows that heart disease and diabetes can often be almost 100% attributed to a lifetime of obesity and poor diet. It has been documented in thousands of trials and scientific studies that the incidence and severity of several major diseases, including cancer and Alzheimer’s, can be severely restricted by a healthy diet.

healthy body

By consuming a holistic nutrition plan, you may experience a number of health benefits, such as the following:

Weight loss and weight management

Disease prevention

Increased energy levels

Improved mood

Better sleep

Improved skin tone and texture

Strengthened immune system

Balanced blood sugar levels

Reduced cholesterol and blood pressure levels

Improved digestion 

Thank you! From us the founders Chris Gerry & Gail Abbey (Cousins) and our Pure Boost Team!